Google Panda Update 3.7

Google confirmed on its Twitter feed that it released a new Panda update this past Friday (6/8/12). Similar to other updates this year, not that many searches were affected; they mention that less than 1 percent of search queries will be impacted in any manner.

The night of May 25th Google came out with its first Penguin update, this was while many marketers were getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend holiday. So this is the second consecutive update to come out on a Friday and that has a nominal impact to search queries.

With this latest release, its apparent Google is concentrating on making frequent updates this year to its algorithm. For example the newest Penguin & Panda updates that focus on internet spam are ways that Google is making its search tool smarter for getting someone exactly what their looking for. Since the first Panda update was released in February of 2011 it has made many web marketers and site owners reconsider their SEO strategies to focus on populating their sites with quality content.

-George Freeman


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