Google Panda Update 24 | 1.2% of Searches Affected

Google Panda 24 UpdateWell, we’re not too far into the new year and Google has already sprung another Panda refresh on us.  This one went live on January 22 and was the 24th Panda release to date.

This refresh affects about 1.2% of all English search queries and proves that Google plans to keep these updates coming on a regular basis.

For those of you who haven’t learned the rules yet, get to work on your content since Panda updates just keep on coming.  Makes sure your content is unique, meaningful and well written.  Stay away from duplicate or overlapping content and make sure to spellcheck; sloppy work is being penalized as well.  Oh, remember to watch those links!  We haven’t seen a Penguin update since October of last year!

By Don MacMelville

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