Google+ Pages Offer More Useful Information

Those reluctant to establish a Google+ page for their business because measuring its effectiveness was iffy at best,  may now have a reason to rejoice, or at least, rethink.

Last week, Google rolled out Google+ Insights for Google+ page managers and it offers some improvement over what performance information was previously available. If you select Insights from your dashboard on your business page, you will be able to access the new information.  Basically, there are three tabs of content: Visibility, Engagement, and Audience.

Audience simply provides you with a standard demographic breakdown including sex and location, but there is not much beyond that.  Visibility provides you with a more helpful number of views, number of clicks and direction requests.  Customizable to a point – you can get 30-, 60-, 90-days and All Time, numbers for each of these.  Engagement offers information about individual posts you make and the activities around them by users.

One word however, some of this information is only available if you already have 200 or more followers, but it still beats the lack of useful information available previously.

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