Google Officially Launches Expanded Text Ads

Announced back in May at the Google Performance Summit, Google has officially launched Expanded Text Ads. These ads will now show double headlines taking up more real estate on Googles Search Results.

These expanded text ads will include two headlines with up to 30 characters each and a description with up to 80 characters. The extra characters are specifically designed to give mobile users more information. In early stages of testing the more information resulted in a 20% average increased click-through-rate.

The update started rolling out yesterday morning and will continue across devices over the next few months. The new ads will continue to run alongside the new expanded text ads, Google has not set a date when the standard ads will no longer run. But, as of October 26, 2016, you will no longer be able to create or upload standard text ads. This will give advertisers plenty of time to run A/B testing with standard and expanded text ads.

If you are looking for help on writing your new Expanded Text Ads Google has published a new best practice guide on using expanded text ads or check out our article expanding on how to take advantage AdWords extra headlines.

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