Google Offically Adds Expanded Text Ads for All Devices

Earlier today, Google officially announced Expanded Text Ads will be available to advertisers later on during the year. The Expanded Text Ads will now be able to appear across all devices and will be optimized for the screen size of smartphones. They are shared in the blog post that there are currently trillions of searches on and over half of those searches happen on mobile devices.

In Google’s blog that was posted today, they showed a chart with the new adjustments:

new adwords components


The Expanded Texts Ads in AdWords will now offer ad space so brands and business can display more information about their products and services before the user can go to their website.

Google also announced Responsive Ads for Display, which will conform to a variety of different content and apps on the Google Display Network. They said that all advertisers need to provide would be their headline, description, image, and URL and Google will automatically take control of the rest. Google Adwords is becoming increasingly popular with businesses online;

To date, Universal App Campaigns has delivered more than 2 billion downloads for advertisers, across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.


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