Google Now Shows AMP Warnings

Google is now showing site owners AMP implementation error warnings in search results. These warnings will now show directly in search results but only if you are the owner of the site. The warning will appear as a snippet and be linked to a Google help article on how to fix the error. The AMP warnings to site owners will read “Your page has AMP implementation errors.”

Over the past few months, Google has been implementing AMP pages and recently it has been aggressively pushing AMP adoption for webmasters. If you are unaware AMP pages are Accelerated Mobile Pages which offer web designer’s tools and resources to build pages for their mobile site using the AMP format. AMP pages load much faster than a standard mobile page.

Google even recently announced they are expanding AMP into the core mobile search results. Pages build using the AMP format will receive a label in mobile search results similar to how mobile friendly websites receive a “mobile-friendly” label.

Google also offers site owners warning if their site is not mobile friendly so this new AMP warning could possibly be an extension of that feature. Google has not confirmed this is not a test so we will have to monitor this in the coming weeks.

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