Google Now Showing “Request Quotes” Button For Mobile Local Service Ads

Google is testing a new feature with its mobile search results pages and local services ads. Google created local services ads to help small businesses get more traffic and leads that customers feel safe using, as these ads are linked to Google Guaranteed. To make the process of finding a local service even easier for searchers, Google has recently been testing a “request quotes” button in local results on mobile.

This new feature comes hand in hand with Local Services Ads (LSAs). Right now, LSAs provide phone leads to local businesses that are running these types of Google Ads and as mentioned before are apart of Google Guaranteed. That is when a business must provide information to pass licensing, insurance, and background checks, as this provides a layer of trust and comfort to a customer looking for a service. Below is a quick GIF of how the process of using the latest button feature is used and what it entails after clicking on the button.


Once a customer clicks on the button, they will fill out some information that will be sent to the business you are requesting a quote from. Once the submission has been made, the feature sends the information to the business via Google My Business messaging. In order to receive these messages, the owners of the business will need to download the Google My Business (GMB) app. With the latest improvement of the app, in coordinance of the complaints when Google abandoned traditional SMS-based messaging, this feature could be a reason to get businesses to download the app as that will be the main way to get these new leads.

Why This Is Important

With Google’s mission to eventually make GMB an engagement and transactions platform, this function in coordination with LSAs is a way for Google to make this mission a reality. LSAs already give businesses unmistakable leads and this is another way for businesses to get direct leads other than just a phone call. It also helps customers get a price quote on what they are looking for from a local business and then can compare rates and go with whatever service they so, please.

The only downside to this feature, which is why it is still in the testing phases, is that there is not a lot of information on the form that customers will fill out after clicking the “request quotes” button. Without the proper information, it will be hard for businesses to give an accurate quote to searchers. Be sure to follow our blog for the latest updates for this feature as well as all Google and SEO related news!

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