Google Now Indexing Tweets in Real-Time

Google and Twitter have finally reached an agreement regarding the indexing of tweets in real-time. The search engine leader will now display tweets in SERPS as they get posted. The agreement is a major breakthrough for businesses looking to get found for keywords in real-time, especially for those live tweeting events.

The update is also very beneficial for Twitter, who now, in some ways, holds an advantage over Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and other content-based social platforms. Furthermore, as many digital marketing experts have stressed, there has been an increasingly important need for marketers to connect with its audience in real-time. With consumers having instant access to information via smartphones and tablets, companies on Twitter would be wise to take advantage of the real-time update.

Our team at Boston Web Marketing tested out the new feature to confirm its existence (see screenshot below). It is important to note that tweets will only get indexed in real-time on mobile devices. Google has not yet implemented the real-time feature for desktop searches. For the time being, searchers will be able to see past tweets in desktop SERPS, just not in real-time.

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