Google Now Displaying Fun Facts For Animal Search Queries

Have you ever felt your arsenal of fun facts was lacking? Are you tired of holding your trivia team back? Fortunately, Google has your back, as this week, they introduced their newest addition to their ever-expanding knowledge graph. Now, if you type in a search for an animal or another type of living organism, followed by ‘fun facts’, Google will now display a few interesting tidbits of information right at the top of the search results page. Considering the feature’s brand new, you may have a little bit more trouble instantly finding fun facts about an eclectic crustacean, than say, a dolphin.

Google’s older knowledge graph features already offered users similar information, such as their “people also ask” feature, but now, Google has once again expedited the information seeking process. For example, instead of visiting a wildlife website to find information about a Komodo dragon, now, just type in “komodo dragon fun facts” and you’ll be greeted with this fun, light-hearted fact.

Other convenient knowledge graph features that you may see on a daily basis include:

  • Game scores, prompted by queries for specific sports teams that are currently playing or have recently played
  • Business information, including phone numbers, address, website link, which displays in the right-hand side of SERPs. This is very prevalent in local SEO.
  • Short bios for historical figures. Google will extrapolate content from sites like Wikipedia to provide users with a short bio of historical figures.

We’ll make sure to keep you up-to-date regarding all updates to Google’s knowledge graph and algorithms.

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