Google Now Allows You to Preview Books From Mobile Searches

Google’s ever-improving mobile interface will now include a new feature. For books available on Google Books Search, mobile users will now have the ability to preview a book directly from the mobile search results page. While this feature has already been available for desktop users, mobile users, after searching for a book available in Google’s index, will now have the ability to access these books. When mobile users hit ‘preview book’, it will direct them to a sleek mobile-responsive screen that enables them to preview the book in an easy-to-scroll fashion.

For certain countries, this feature will be unavailable due to domestic laws forbidding the previewing of books. Yet, here in the United States, this feature will likely be extremely helpful to students and teachers, as well as readers interested in possibly diving into a new book.

It’s also noteworthy that Google’s catalogue of books is rather limited, as a number of publishers would rather have people buy their books instead of accessing them for free online.

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