Google Now Allows Users To Edit Knowledge Panels

Google Knowledge Panels are a great source of additional information that appears in search results when well-known people, organizations and things are searched for. The panel usually appears as a box with an overview of key information and links to resources to help you go deeper into the subject matter you are searching for. Since its inception, there was no way to control what information was pulled in and displayed in the Knowledge Panel, until recently.

For the first time, Google is now letting individuals and organizations suggest edits to their own Knowledge Graphs! With its old format, the information was pulled in by trusted sources on the web but since it is automatically generated, there may have been discrepancies or inaccuracies in the information that is displayed. Luckily, with this newest update, these inaccuracies in the Knowledge Panel will no longer be an issue. Users and organizations will be allowed to make suggests once they prove that they represent the entity in question. Not only can verified-users make suggestions and feedback on the text information but also the images that are presented in the panel as well. In addition, you will be able to make a suggestion for a featured image to be displayed after a search has been made for the person or company in question.

In order to become a verified user or organization, you must complete the following steps:

  • Search for your name or organization to bring up the Knowledge Panel you wish to edit.
  • Tap on the section that says “Do you manage the online presence of (name of person or organization).”
  • Prove that you represent the entity by signing into either Youtube, Google+, Search Console, or Twitter.
  • After successfully signing in, you are now verified to edit Knowledge Panels.

What makes this new feature great for search, is that it allows for updated & factual information to be displayed in the Knowledge Panel. Rather than pulling in information from sources that could be trusted but have outdated information. This allows for users and companies to get the information people are looking for more quickly and more accurately. This is also a step towards Google’s lasting fight against “fake news” and inaccurate information being displayed across the web. Get ahead of the crowd and become verified today so you can start giving back feedback and making edits to the content and images that are being shown in your own Knowledge Panel.

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