Google Now Allowing Certain Businesses to Verify Via Email

verify via emailVerifying your business on Google using the mail verification option is almost always an inconvenience. This holds especially true for businesses that aren’t open yet, as their owners must set up mail forwarding that can be difficult to coordinate. Even when everything goes smoothly, the process typically takes several weeks to complete.

Fortunately, Google may be slowly transitioning away from this, as they are now offering certain businesses the opportunity to verify via email. This will hopefully spare numerous businesses in the future from needing to wait weeks for their business to finally be verified. For companies that are allowed to verify over email, they will also still have the option to verify via mail, or for certain businesses, over the phone.

This move will potentially increase the number of verified businesses on Google, as business owners will be more willing to quickly verify their businesses over email than waiting weeks for a verification postcard. Another issue for many businesses is Google suspending their Google+/Google Business account. One of the primary reasons why these accounts get suspended in the first place is that they’re left unverified for long periods of time. This new verification process should cut down on the number of suspended accounts.

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