Google News No Longer Supports the Standout Meta Tag & Editors’ Pick

Google has announced that there are some features being dropped from their Google News sector. The features being dropped are ones that were webmaster and SEO features for Google News publishers, and they are the standout meta tag and the Editors’ Pick section. This move comes as a result of the company launching the new AI-powered Google News the other night. So far, the company has only stated they are stopping the support of these two features and that there will be more information as well as other ways publishers can optimize visibility of their news articles in the near future.

Below is a rundown of what these old features used to do for publishers and their articles that were submitted to Google News.

  • Standout Meta Tag – This feature that launched in 2011, was a way to enable news publishers to highlight articles they think stand above and beyond the rest. Publishers could use this tag seven times in a seven-day period.
  • Editors’ Pick – Another feature launched in 2011 was a way to let publishers who were included in this hand-curated system, to define which stories should be included in that list.

Both of these features no longer work within Google News. Publishers that use the Yoast SEO plugin had these features ready to them as it was built into the plugin. Yoast will be removing these features in the near future with this announcement.

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