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What Does Google’s Order Online Option Mean for Restaurant SEO

It’s the twenty-first century. With smartphones, we can lock our doors while on vacation, video chat across the world, and get our favorite restaurant’s delivered straight to our doorstep. Recently, Google has added a new innovation that has a large impact on restaurants and the food industry. Google has added an “Order Online” button that allows users to order food directly from the search console results. This allows users to bypass visiting the restaurant’s website or an online ordering site.

Understanding the New Order Online Mechanic

The new order online option can be accessed from Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google Search. Fortunately, it will not require restaurants to add another new delivery service. The order online option is fully integrated with the main online ordering systems including Doordash, Postmates, & ChowNow. It is expected that other big name online ordering services will be added to the future. For now, restaurants need to have already set up an account with an online ordering service. If they have an online ordering service, Google will pull over the menu and integrate it into results. This also allows users to order food through Google devices like the Google Home.

How To Use Google’s New Extension

As of right now, there isn’t any specific schema markup for the order online option like there are for other snippet extensions. Because Google is pulling menus from pre-existing online ordering services, there might not be a need for an “order online” schema markup. To qualify for the order online button, a restaurant needs to have a Google My Business listing and a linked online ordering menu through an integrated ordering platform. In the future, Google will most likely add more platforms. Google will also most likely add more options for restaurants to tweak the online ordering button. As of right now, this new feature is still in its infancy. Opting-in is automatic, and there is no opt-out option. It is expected that Google will create an opt-out option for restaurants that do not want to lose website traffic to online orders.

What Does “Order Online” Mean for Conversion Tracking

Because the feature is new, it causes a few problems for tracking conversions.  In the past, a restaurant’s conversions from Google could be measured by how many users go to the website plus how many users called the phone number or looked for directions to the restaurant. By giving users the ability to order online, restaurants with this feature can expect to see a dip in traffic and sessions on their website without seeing an increase in phone calls or direction requests. Because the feature cannot be opted-out of, new conversion tracking will need to become available in the near future to track Google’s online orders as conversions. Whether your SEO/SEM is managed internally or externally, it will be important to find out if your restaurant(s) have been opted-in for this new feature to get a better understanding of traffic and conversions over the next few months.

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