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Google My Businesses pages are critical for businesses to capitalize on their online presence and SEO efforts. Just recently, Google announced some updates that will be rolling out to the platform that will enable businesses to better promote their brands and promotional events. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we are constantly updating and reviewing our clients Google My Business pages as they are a great source of generated traffic and online conversions (phone calls, direction requests, delivery buttons, etc). We wanted to write a blog regarding the recent updates to the platform and what they mean for your local business.

New Additions- Business Images

The new version of Google My Business will allow businesses to add a logo, cover photo, and create a dynamic photo module for users to view. Now you may be thinking, “ couldn’t you add a logo and cover before?” While that was the case, users would have to go into the business Google My Business page and review the entire listing to see these. Now, they will be displayed front and center (logo top right) when viewing the listing. This provides businesses a better handle on how their brand is interpreted online.

Promotional Tools

Google My Business will also now be featuring ‘short names’ to be associated with Google My Business accounts. Think of Twitter or Instagram handle template; for example, @BostonWebMarketing. This will allow users with Gmail accounts to follow specific business and brands. Through this, businesses will be able to send promotional items directly to users.

Local Favorites

If you are familiar with Google My Business, you know that your businesses “category” is selected when you verify the listing. In the newest version of Google My Businesses, if your business is in the top 5% of businesses within that category, you will be deemed a “Local Favorite” Tag. As for what makes you in the top 5%, Google said it will have to do with businesses that keep their profile up to date and respond to the customers, but their comment ended there. We assume it will also have to do with a number of positive reviews and overall SEO best practices. It will be interesting to see in the coming months if users respond positively to seeing a “Local Favorite” badge on their profiles.

Boston Web Marketing: Google My Business experts

As mentioned in this blogs opening paragraph, Google My Business can be a major source of online conversions and traffic if optimized correctly. This is why we stay up to date with current trends and Google updates within the platform to ensure our clients get the most out of their listings. If you feel your Google My Business page could use some improvements, call us today at 857.526.0096 or fill out an online contact form.

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