Google My Business: Understanding Insights

For any size business with a web presence, you want to be sure it has a Google My Business listing. Google My Business is the listing of a business that appears to the side of search results on Google if someone were to type in the name of your business. If your site has proper SEO applied, it may even appear if someone were to type in a service or product you provide. Within Google My Business, there is a section called Insights. We wanted to highlight some of the data and conclusions you can gather from taking an in-depth look at your Google My Business Pages Insights.

Data Sets

You may be asking yourself, what type of data can Google My Business provide me with? In our opinion, the following are some of the more useful information that Google My Business can pull: Queries used to find your business, when customers view your page/call your business and customer actions.

Queries used to find your business will show you what people are searching for when they find you. If you see a lot of users making their way through direct traffic, you may want to add some pages to your site highlighting your services. While people that know your business are great to have visited your site, you want to attract those who are looking for your service, so you can gain new business.

Seeing when people are looking at your business can provide a lot of useful information as well. Understanding which days are most busy from a phone inquiry standpoint can allow you to make sure people will be there to take these calls. If there are days where it seems there is no one calling your business, depending on the industry, you could implement a social media strategy to drive more business or customer interaction.

Customer actions tie into when people are looking at your page and calling but also includes a data set regarding directions requested. Within your initial set up of Google My Business, be sure your name, address, and phone number are all correct as if they are not, you could be missing out on potential business. It is important to note phone calls through Google My Business will be separate from any conversion tracking used within Google Analytics for a number on your site unless you take a few additional steps to set that up.

Google My Business has a lot of features and different applications. Google is even trying to push Google+, a social media that allows business’ to create posts and people can leave reviews through Gmail their accounts. At the end of the day, when people see a Google My Business page on the side of their search results, they see it as a reputable business. Having an accurate Google My Business page can yield more traffic but where one can really grow revenue is by understanding its insights and building strategy around the data collected.

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