Google My Business – Shortname Bug Fixed

A few weeks ago, Google announced a new feature for Google My Business Listings. The added featured enabled businesses to give their Google My Business listing a ‘shortname’ similar to an Instagram or twitter username. The purpose of the new ‘shortname’ feature is to make it even easier for customers to find a business on Google. The ‘shortname’ also allows a business to share a condensed link that the business can share or add to their site, so users are just one click away to viewing or leaving a review.

After the release of this feature, many local businesses saw the new feature within the admin page for their listings and added their ‘shortname’. Google even made it easy for admins as after users selected “add shortname” a suggested name would appear.

After these businesses added the short name, numerous business saw their listing disappear completely! Some listings that didn’t disappear saw their reviews disappear. This has massive implications for business as Google My Business listings can be a major source of inbound phone calls, directions requests, and site visits. Naturally, these actions directly correlate with sales and getting customers in the door.

‘Shortname’ Bug Fixed

This bug created major waves across the SEO community. Many sources sited that removing the ‘shortname’ would restore the page/ reviews. Thankfully the bug was resolved within a week or so of it being discovered. Google says now it is completely safe to implement the ‘shortname’ and you don’t need to worry about the listings or reviews disappearing.

Why your business should implement a google my business ‘shortname’

Aside from the initial bug, the Google My Business ‘shortname’ is something we are coming to like here at Boston Web Marketing. For one, this feature will make it easier for customers to review your business if you know how to properly implement the link on your site. Google My Business reviews not only impact where you rank for your targeted keywords but customers online feel more comfortable pursuing a purchase when seeing positive reviews. In the past, creating links bringing users directly to a Google My Business page could have complications and required regular checking and updating.  With the new shortened link created based of the ‘shortname’ , creating a button on your site or within and email marketing campaign will send users right where you want.

Boston Web Marketing: Google My Business Management Professionals

Here at Boston Web Marketing, managing and creating Google My Business pages for our clients is a top priority due to their importance regarding a business web presence. If your businesses web presence isn’t getting you’re the leads or site traffic you need, give us a call today for a free SEO audit!

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