Google My Business Rolling Out with a New Feature

Two changes were made in Google My Business over the weekend. The platform announced that you can now put your business in before it even opens and you can put in specific service areas for your business.

What does this mean for businesses?

With the new update, businesses can now announce the date that they are officially opening. This allows the businesses to create awareness and grow their presence locally and digitally. The listing will pop up in Google Maps and explains to the searcher when the business will open. The new feature will be helpful to businesses as they can engage with their potential customers and let them know what to expect.

In addition to the new business feature, businesses can now put in specific service areas where they visit, deliver, or serve local customers. Google left a little room for flexibility in this feature. Here’s what Google did:

  1. If a business is located in a specific location but does not serve that area, the business does not need to fill in the address field and just fill in the service areas that they are in.
  2. If the business serves specific areas, then they can fill up both the address field and add in the specific service areas by region, city, or ZIP code.

Google My Business is a good platform to take advantage of especially if they want to rank higher in your Google rankings.  This also allows businesses to get integrated into the maps section and there are more chances of people seeing your business.

Boston Web Marketing specializes in Search Engine Optimization and is a certified Google Partner, which is why we like to keep ourselves informed with the latest updates in search engines, especially Google. This allows us to further help our clients and come up with more strategies to create a more established and larger digital presence for them. If you are having trouble with your digital presence, contact us now!

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