Google My Business Removes Anonymous Reviews

The search engine giant has updated their Google My Business platform to stop counting anonymous reviews toward a business’s overall rating on Google. Not only do these reviews no longer count to the overall rating, Google has also removed these reviews from the review section of the Google My Business platform.

This move brings Google in line with other local review sites on the web such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, as these review websites only allow registered users to submit reviews. This change is a major boost for small businesses as anonymous reviews seemed to be the most damaging to a business’s overall search rating. This move also helps fight off fake reviews from competitors and other people trying to harm a business’s online success. By having only registered users to leave reviews on their Google My Business, businesses are open to getting more honest reviews that will not only help the business but people who are looking up companies for a good or service.

Even if bad reviews still come into a business, the owner can now reach out to the reviewer directly. Before, owners could not contact bad reviews left by anonymous reviewers which not only hurt their rating but their online reputation. As mentioned in an earlier blog about reviews, this new tactic is part of Google’s ongoing battle to prevent fake reviews from affecting business’s success.


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