Google My Business Now Allows Menu Customization for Restaurants

Do you own a restaurant and manage your own online listings? Google My Business just launched a new feature that allows restaurants to post and edit menus right on their listing. The additional information will be visible in mobile search results as users search for somewhere local to eat, whether they are on vacation in your town or locals looking for something new to try.
The new menu feature allows restaurants to add and edit menu items, descriptions and prices as they change, whether due to seasonal items or popularity. Prior to this roll-out, restaurants could add links to their menu on a third-party site, which may or may not allow for simple editing. In addition to being able to edit offerings as a whole, items can be listed by category, allowing owners to post entrées, appetizers, desserts, and salads, among others. If your business is offering special prices for a holiday or event, you will be able to easily promote the price right in your listing.
If you have your menu listed on a third-party website, the data from that site will appear on your Google My Business listing. You will not be able to add or edit the available data from your listing. If you would like full editing capability, you will need to reach out to your menu provider. This feature is only available in English markets, with expected roll-outs in additional languages and types of businesses to come. The menu feature is now available on food establishment listings.
This new feature can have several benefits for businesses. Allowing potential customers to see what you offer at first glance may be able to drive more traffic to your restaurant. You will be able to provide more information, answering questions users may have. The addition of the menu will also give more strength to your Google My Business listing.

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