Google My Business is Rolling Out Customized Short URLs

Google is in the process of rolling out a feature allowing users to create short URLs for their Google My Business listings. Available on a certain number of listings at the time, the short URLs can be customized to meet your needs and appears to be on its way to a bigger launch, as it is already available in the help center.

How can I use this new feature?

The new, custom URL can be between 5-32 characters and makes it easier to link to the listing in an email or blog post sharing your profile. You can also create a custom link to gather customer reviews without a long, complicated string of characters. Customized URLs will be easier to promote on your website and even offline materials such as postcards or in-store flyers asking for reviews. These are currently available to a certain amount of Google My Business customers but are expected to be available to most verified businesses in due time.

How do I set up custom URLs?

You will be able to set up custom URLs for your Google My Business profile by opening your location and navigating to the menu on the right hand side. Under the Info tab, you will be able to see a header for Add Profile Short Name. After creating your name under 32 characters, hit Apply. Your short URL will show up as pending and will show up on your profile itself once it has been approved by Google. The short URL will be able to changed if you find yourself unhappy with it, but will only be able to be edited three times per year.

How does this affect Google My Business?

You will be able to use short URLs to track referral traffic and clicks from a variety of mediums. In addition to tracking the users who visit your listing, you will be able to provide an efficient and effective way for customers to visit your Google My Business page in order to review your products and services, whether you sell seasonal items like umbrellas and beach coolers to providing landscaping or roofing services to customers in a broad area. Because your short URL will be easier to remember than a randomized list of numbers, you may be able to see more actions taken on your listing, including phone calls and requests for directions.


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