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Google My Business Introduces Google Insights

A new analytics tool has been introduced by Google My Business. Google Insights is a great new feature that shows business owners how much action their Google Maps/Local listing is getting. Before, most of us were only seeing reports of the number of searches, views, clicks on your website, phone number and driving directions.

For those who are unaware of what Google My Business is, it’s a service that allows the physical location of your business to be found on Google Maps in the local area, letting customers track you down more easily. If you do not have your business listed on Google My Business, you need to put this on the top of your “to-do” list immediately. It’s one of the best things you can do to expand your customer base!

This new feature was brought to everyone’s attention yesterday by Evan Older. He discovered Google Insights was allowing bulk downloads of data for managers with multiple accounts. Now, everyone who has access to Google My Business can manage the insights from multiple locations they are situated in.

You should find this new button next to the “download locations” button for “download insights.” See below:

Earlier today, another report was shared, where you are able to view the “Popular times” graph (which is what is publicly displayed in the knowledge graph for certain businesses) and “Return customers” graph which displays the percentage of people that have visited a business more than once during a selected time period. Although the update is new and may not be available to certain areas right now. As a start, it is a great tool for business owners who wants to get track down where their actions are coming from.

For now, you can export up to 18-months of data for every location. The report includes the following columns of data:

  • Total searches
  • Direct searches
  • Discovery searches
  • Total views
  • Search views
  • Maps views
  • Total actions
  • Website actions
  • Directions actions
  • Phone call actions

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