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Google My Business is a critical part of your business’ online presence. To validating and confirming your name, address, and phone number directly with Google to grabbing more screen space when your business name is searched, Google My Business can help your business grow. With consumers searching and comparing the prices of services and products more than ever, a quote button front and center may help your customer decide on you. Read our industry blog regarding Google My Businesses latest button: Get a Quote.

New Call to Action- Get a Quote

These ‘Get a Quote’ buttons are big and noticeable within the Google My Business listing. They are listed right below the ‘Call’, ‘Share’, and ‘website’ icons. The difference is this button takes up most of the width of the listing. See a screenshot of an example below!




How to add this button to your listing

In order to get this listing added to your Google My Business, you need to download the Google My Business app. From the App, you will need to turn on messaging. The app allows these messages to go directly to your phone and ping you with a notification. Connecting directly with prospective customers just became even easier.

Driving Conversions and beating out competitors

Adding more call to action buttons such as the ‘Get a Quote’ button gives you an advantage over your business’ competition. When users can directly connect with business owners to begin their customer journey, you will have a better chance of uncovering their needs and selling them your service. As mentioned earlier, customers compare more than ever due to the tools at their disposal.

Boston Web Marketing: Managing Google My Business and other Web listings

A business’ Google My Business page and listings across the website have a big impact on the amount of inbound leads your business receives. Inconsistent name, addresses, and phone numbers across the web can push you down in organic rankings and even begin to impact your branded searches as Google and other search engines won’t be able to decipher what your business is.

Boston Web Marketing has been helping business local to the greater Boston area and across the US solidify their web presence. From making technical edits regarding how websites are structured to auditing listing sites like Yelp, Boston Web Marketing can help your business grow online. If you have questions regarding our services or capabilities, give us a call today!

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