Google My Business Features You Should Take Advantage Of

There have been a large number of features added to Google my Business pages over the past year, and a lot of them could be really helpful, whether it be time-saving, or relating to insights from the customers you are hoping to serve. Google my Business has been around for a while, serving to better the customer experience when searching on Google. It helps Google, and it can be a really useful skill to help your business. If your business comes up in these knowledge graphs, your page will have many advantages, such as coming up above the fold in the SERPs, as well as providing the customer with more information, which could ultimately lead to a better conversion rate. Let’s take a short look at some of the newer features Google my Business has implemented in the past year to boost the experience and insight of the business owner, and the relationship with the customer.

Google Posts

This is one of the most-anticipated rollouts, as it can help push conversion in ways that it could not before. In this section on Google my Business, you have the ability to create Posts, which can contain an image, up to 300 words of text and call to action buttons. This is big tool that can be used to promote specials, as well as sales and other promotions.

Q&A Feature

This feature which shows up on the map helps the users and allows you to see and answer frequently asked questions. This helps to build a relationship between the customer and the business.

Chat Capabilities

The addition of the “message” button in the SERPs really makes a difference, and if turned on, this can also help tremendously in pushing conversions. Being able to speak directly with the customer is the perfect opportunity to improve sales.

Other Capabilities

New Analytics numbers have been incorporated into Google my Business, as well as new editing features and location attributes. In regard to the editing features, you have the ability to edit multiple listings at once, increasing efficiency, as well as having the ability to edit directly in the SERPs. When it comes to location attributes, they have added some more items, such as “wheelchair access” and “free wifi” in order to help the customer understand the business a bit more.

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