Google My Business Best Practices

Google My Business is a free and easy to use tool for a business to manage their online presence on Google’s network of platforms. This is super important, because these platforms include Google Maps, one of the most used search directories in the world. If you don’t have prior experience using the platform, there are some rules and best practices you should be aware of.


  1. Claiming your profile. Google wants to make sure you are legit. So to claim your profile you do have to go through a process to get started. Google your business and find the Business Profile on the right side of the search results. If you already have an active website, there may be an unclaimed profile. Once you claim your business Google will send a post card with a 6 digit code on. Take this code, enter into your business profile and boom! Your profile is created.

  3. Add quality pictures. Customers are more apt to click on your profile if you keep it updated with fresh content. So restaurants should have images of their seating, and meals. Clothing retailers should have pictures of their interior store. This is your chance to showcase your business to hundreds or thousands of searchers each month. The pictures on your profile could make or break a searcher coming to your location.

  5. Manage reviews. Every business owner loves positive reviews, and why not, its a glowing reflection of the quality of your business. But inevitably, if you’re getting enough business, a negative review will come. Don’t worry, we covered how to handle those before.

  7. Update your hours. One of the most common reasons searchers will be searching your site is to check out your hours. Its important to make sure these are updated as your hours change, or special holidays and events occur. No one like’s traveling to a store miles away to see their hours were wrong online.


Your Google My Business profile is a valuable piece of Local SEO and your online presence. Take advantage of it, interact with customers and post pictures. Use it as a tool to set yourself apart from your competition.


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