Google My Business API Updates to Version 3.0

Google has updated its Google My Business to version 3.0. The new features and functionality of this version is to help people using Google My Business who manage multiple locations. Major features that version 3 adds to users are the ability to read and respond to customer reviews and provide attributes to locations. An example of these attributes to locations is if a restaurant wants to let their audience know if they have outdoor seating, take reservations and more.

In addition to these key features in the new version, here are other functionality options that are coming with version 3:

  • Find Matching Location  Find and associate existing map locations with your business’s location.
  • Transfer Location – This allows users to transfer locations from one account, either personal or business, to another.
  • Preferred Photo – This lets users choose what photo they would prefer to be seen when people are searching for their business.
  • Backwards incompatible changes – A feature that allows photos to only be updated for locations with a Google + page. Location_name and category_name fields are now output only.
  • New Location – Location states now include is_verified and needs_verification.

These and other features that are coming with version 3.0 of Google My Business API can be found on the change log and and new features page of Google My Business.

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