Why Google My Business is a Necessity

While it is extremely beneficial to have an optimized website with proper headings, page & meta descriptions in place, even after doing everything possible to optimize a website, without a Google My Business (GMB) page established you run the risk of falling behind your local competitors. Why? Simply because it is harder for people to find your business.

Increased Visibility On Google Maps & Search

GMB is an essential tool when it comes to providing people with important information about businesses through the simple act of searching for a relevant keyword surrounding your industry. For example, you own a restaurant in a busy downtown area. Besides competing with other restaurants for the lunch and dinner rush, how do you focus on tourists and other individuals not familiar with the area? How do they find your business?

Google My Business Benefits the User and The Business

Have you ever noticed that searching a term in Google Maps such as “local restaurant near me” will populate the map with a variety of relevant listings in that area? These results provide valuable information such as hours of operation, reviews, and special deals. That is Google My Business working in unison with your GMB page & website to help achieve important goals as a business owner; to increase visibility and drive more traffic into your establishment.

Valuable Business Data At Your Fingertips

Google My Business (GMB) acts as a “central hub” that provides a business valuable insight on digital visibility. Some examples that GMB provides a business owner with are information on popular keyword results relevant to your industry, where & how people are searching for you, the actions a user takes upon discovering your business, and how you compare to other businesses in the area. With this information provided, business owners have the ability to take direct control over how people view their listing and what they might see on search. Whether it is implementing a deal or sale during a slow time of the season. these are all things that you can do within GMB that will increase exposure to your page.

Continuous Updates to Google My Business

Google has taken great strides to support all industries. Especially when it comes to displaying the “right” business relative to a users location. Recent updates have allowed industries to list products, and even set up a method of accepting/receiving appointments through Direct Bookings. When used correctly it Google My Business provides a growth opportunity for new & small businesses, seasonal operations, and any business that has a digital presence.

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