Google Moving to Mobile-First Index

Google has long hinted toward its eventual rollout of a new mobile-first index method. Google started testing this new indexing procedure back in 2015 and has long been conducting beta trials for the new method, but now they are ready to roll out the real deal. There is no set date for the rollout, but a Google spokesperson recently said that we can expect to see a large number of sites moving to mobile-first indexing.

What is Mobile-First Indexing?

The new mobile-first indexing update essentially means that Google will begin to rank sites starting with their mobile version rather than a desktop version of the site. Keep in mind, Google will crawl your mobile site first, but your desktop version can still be included in the indexing, hence mobile-first. If Google was rolling out a mobile-only index method, then your desktop version would not be indexed at all. This is good news for site owners who may not have a mobile site, or have a poor mobile site because Google will still index your desktop version, although your rankings may suffer due to poor mobile friendliness.

How Can I Prepare for Mobile-First?

The best way to prepare for mobile-first is to understand that the mobile version of your site is now the primary version of your site, it is the first thing that Google will look at when indexing your website, so you’ll want to make a good first impression as to achieve the best possible ranking. Now, if you have a responsive site you should be all set because the content will be the same for desktop and mobile, assuming you have well-optimized content. If your mobile and desktop versions are different then you should make efforts to optimize your mobile site to rank well with the new mobile-first index update!
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