Google May Release Mobile First Index In Batches

We’ve discussed Google’s plan on releasing its first mobile index for some time now. We can report that Google’s John Mueller said in a Google Hangout at the 25:05 mark in the video, that Google may release the mobile first index, in batches. Although it is still in batches, we were not expecting to hear anything more for another few months so, this is interesting news for the SEO experts out there.

John said, “My guess is what will happen is, we will provide you with more information about the type of issues that we’ve run across so far in our tests. And based on that we’ll give you more guidance on when we expect some things to happen.

It’s also possible that we’ll say well this batch of sites works perfectly fine on mobile first indexing so we’ll just switch that over and wait with the next batch until we’re certain that they’ve been able to solve these problems.

But that’s something where we’ll have more information kind of as time goes by.


What should we make of this news? Nobody will know until Google makes their announcement. We personally feel Google is still unsure what the outcome may be, but it will be interesting to see how it will impact mobile searches in the near future. If there are further SEO news out there, be sure Boston Web Marketing will be one of the first to hear about it! If you are interested in looking to build your SEO, contact us at 857-526-0096 today

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