Google May Issue Manual Actions Over Job Schema on Expired Job Listings

Google has updated its schema documentation around job postings that could prevent you from showing job schema in the future. This new update targets websites that use schema for jobs that have expired but the listing is still on the site. Google encourages websites to take down expired job listings as soon as they are sure the job is filled. If a company fails to do so then a manual action will be placed on the website. A manual action is issued by Google when a website is not complying with Google webmaster guidelines. If your website is using a job schema to mark up a job listing that is no longer available, then Google will remove the ability for your job listing to show in search results.

To remove job listings that are no longer available, Google has issued four ways to do so:

  • Remove the JobPosting markup from the page.
  • Remove the page entirely, so a 404 status code appears.
  • Add a noindex meta tag to the page.
  • Ensure the validThrough property is populated and in the past.

Below is a screenshot of Google’s job posting guide on their developer website.

While a manual action may seem a bit on the overkill side, it will help prevent searchers from finding and applying for jobs that no longer exist. As of now, there is no definitive way for Google to know when a posting is expired or not. However, the search engine giant will be relying on searchers to report expired job postings. Once this is done, Google’s search quality team will have to confirm the job position is no longer available with someone from the company posting the job.


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