Google May Be Removing Estimated Number of Search Results

For a long time, Google has displayed the estimated number of results at the top of the search results page, but now things may be changing. Typically when you conduct a Google Search, Google will show the estimated number of results that Google found that match that query. Below is a screenshot of how it currently appears in search results.


google estimated results

But recently it has been reported that Google seems to be testing out the removal of this feature.  This was recently reported by SEO specialist Derek Edmond on Twitter. Derek shared a screen shot of a Google search that did not display the typical “estimated number of search” leading us to believe Google may be testing removing it on some of their user interfaces.

Google is constantly changing and testing new interfaces so at this point we do not know if they will follow through with removing the estimated number of results feature. Some other features Google has been testing this year include reviews in Local 3-Pack, New Local Business Cards and Click-to-Call Phone Numbers in Search, just to name a few.

Although we do not know much about Google’s testing one thing we do know is that Google has told us that these estimated numbers are strictly that, estimates, and should not be used for accurate reporting.

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