Google Maps Rolls out iOS Update

After reports that Apple Maps is used 3x as often on iPhones, Google Maps rolls out upgrades for iOS including gas prices, busy times and offline navigation. Google’s updates to Maps will bring iOS features up-to-date with its Android counterpart who received these updates last month.

The update, allows users to locate gas stations and simultaneously compare prices. Another feature previously only available to Android users is store  and business traffic graphs, which illustrate when a business is likely the busiest. This feature is similar to Google’s car traffic data but defines foot traffic at a certain business instead. This way users can avoid stores, restaurants and other businesses during their busiest hours.

But, the largest of all three updates for Google Maps is the offline navigation. According to Google, this update will allow you to download maps for offline access. This includes all map content for designated area, turn-by-turn navigation and useful information about local businesses including hours of operation, ratings and contact information. Users can download an area map by searching for a city, county or even country and clicking download. Google Maps will move into offline mode automatically when you’re in a location with bad service of not service at all. This update is coming on the heels of reports saying Apple maps is used by 3x as much by iOS users than Google Maps. So will this update help Google Maps close that gap? We will have to wait and see.

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