Google Maps New Feature “For you”

The Google maps feature “For You” received a wider rollout, specifically tailored to those using iPhones. In addition to the expanded rollout of the feature, it is now available in multiple countries. We wanted to write a blog about the purpose of this feature and how you can utilize it to grow your web presence!

Google Maps “For You” Tab

If you are unfamiliar with the “For you” tab it is pretty much like it sounds. It is no secret Google and other search engines are utilizing past search queries to better market to you based on your interests. They took that same model and applied it to their Google Maps application. Now instead of looking up potential places to eat, scroll over to your “For You” tab and if you frequently use the app to find restaurants, for example, Google will have some already pulled up for you based on where you have eaten before. A feature within the “For You” tab also associates things like “Your Match”, a prediction score if you will like the place, a group planning tool, and an Explore Tab that pulls in local reviews or trends to better recommend potential matches.

How to Optimize for Google Maps and its “For You” Feature

Ensuring your business is found easily on Google Maps is vital as this is a way people are searching for businesses online. If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business page, this is one of the first things you should do. Within Google My Business, you will validate Address, phone Number and business name. This further catalogs for Google your location. Google My Business also will ask you what type of company you are and the services offered.

In addition to optimizing and managing a Google My Business Page for your business, ensuring your Name, Adress, and Phone number (NAP) is consistent across all digital media is important. From social media to pages within your website, consistent NAP helps where sites rank as search engines reward sites that do this.

Boston Web Marketing Can Help

Like any recent update or feature roll out, it takes some time for marketers to truly understand its impact on SEO. As a Google Partner, Boston Web Marketing is constantly monitoring updates and making edits based on Google’s recommendations for our clients. If you have questions regarding this Google Map update, how Boston Web can help, or questions regarding any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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