Google Maps Is Introducing The Feature of Reviewing Continents and Oceans

Google is the number one search engine in the world and it is now handling 2 trillion searches per year. The second search engine in the world is YouTube, a video platform owned by Google. It is fair to say Google is involved in many people’s lives. Many people also use Google Maps as their GPS to navigate on the road. Now, Google Maps is letting users review the Earth’s continents and oceans.

What does the internet think of Europe, Asia, North America, and the Pacific? Whether this feature will help fellow travelers or change people’s opinion about a certain place is unknown, however, users are having fun with this new feature.

Here are some examples to see what people have reviewed.

North America Reviews:

North America

Pacific Ocean Reviews:


These reviews are just samples of the thousands of reviews written by users on Google. You can obviously search reviews of other continents and oceans.

You can also compare if the internet likes the Atlantic or the Pacific more. If you would like to leave a review, it can be done under “write a review” when the continent or ocean is searched.


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