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Google Maps Are Assigning Color Schemes to Points of Interests

Did you know that Google Maps will be rolling a new update soon to improve any location discovery in two different ways?
Google Maps will be rolling out an algorithm that will reveal locations to users based on their mode of transportation. For example, if you travel by car and are using Google Maps for directions, it will point out any points of interest like gas stations or coffee shops. If you are traveling by public transportation, relevant locations like train stations and bus stops will be shown. You can also choose to show all the points of interest within the area if you wish.
In addition to that, Google will start to color code the points of interest. They will be broken down into specific categories and have their own color scheme, and new icons to help users identify the type of location. Places like cafes, museums, and hospitals will have their own color and icon. Below are the categories with their color schemes.


In the next few weeks, these changes will be applied to all apps and products that use Google Maps.





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