Google Maps Adds New Voice Activation to App

Google is improving their voice searches while using the Google Maps app, with the addition of “Ok Google.” Rather than needing to tap the microphone icon to activate voice search, the update now allows you to simply say, “Okay Google” and the voice search feature will be activated within the app.

This update will help drivers from becoming distracted by their devices while operating a vehicle. By eliminating the need to add in your destination or tap the icon drivers will no longer need to look at their phone at all to navigate safely to their destination.

Google has released a list of voice commands that will now be included within the Google Maps app. Some of these commands include:

  • “Show Traffic” or “Hide Traffic”
  • “Navigate Home” or “Navigate to ‘point of interest'”
  • “What’s my next turn?”
  • “What’s my ETA?”

Not only will Google Maps voice navigation help you navigate to your destination with more ease, the app can also help you with other things you may run into along the way. These features include calling contacts, sending text messages, playing music or finding the nearest gas station.

To make sure you can take advantage of all these new voice features be sure you have the latest version of the Google Maps app. Once you have done that, head over to settings and tap “Ok Google detection.” You can also turn on the “while driving” settings which will allow you to say “okay google” while already navigating in Google Maps. And finally, you can turn on the “Always on” setting which will allow you to activate the voice navigation from anywhere on your device.

For more information on Google Maps latest update check out Google’s official announcement of the new update.

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