Google Local Search Pack Now Shows Posts from Google My Business

Google has once again added a new feature to their local search pack, also known as the local three pack. This latest addition is a tab to the local search pack dedicated to posts from a business’s Google My Business profile. Users will be able to see this new tab if they perform a search on a mobile device. The posts tab will only appear in the local three pack for a business if they are utilizing the posts function within their Google My Business listing. If a business is not using the posts feature then they will not see the tab on the local search pack in search results.

Below is a screenshot of what the tab will look like if you are to perform a search and choose one of the businesses from the local search pack.

screenshot of a local search pack result on a mobile device

Once users tap on the posts tab, they will be able to see the latest posts the business published on their Google My Business. Searchers can scroll through different posts vertically while being able to see a carousel of images at the top of the listing.

screenshot of new posts tab feature in mobile local search

This new tool is available to almost all businesses with an exception of hotels. Hotels will find that where the posts section would show is actually populated with prices. This is likely because searchers are looking to price match and look up prices over posts for businesses such as hotels or motels.

This newest function is another attempt to boost the post functionality of Google My Business. An incentive, to keep in mind, to begin posting on Google My Business is that you will have an increased visibility in search results if you use the posts feature.

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