Google Limits KeyWord Planner Data

Many SEO professionals have relied on Google’s Keyword Planner to find the best keywords for the business they are optimizing for. Up until now this AdWords service has been free, but now Google is limiting this detailed data to AdWords clients with an active campaign.

So what does this mean for those not paying for an AdWords campaign? SEO practitioners can still use the Keyword Planner, but won’t receive the detailed results like before. Instead they’ll see ranges for how often a keyword is searched for per month:

  • 0
  • 1–100
  • 100–1K
  • 1K–10K
  • 10K–100K
  • 100K–1M
  • 1M+

There has been speculation on what the minimum spend is, in order to see the detailed data. Some users have seen success spending only $50 a month, whereas others have had trouble with spends under $300 a month. It might depend on meeting the minimum recommended bids on your targeted ad groups.

Google might be doing this for two reasons: to allow those companies with bigger advertising budgets to have more power, and because providing this detailed data costs Google money. There are many third party companies who take this data from Google, free of charge, in order to provide data of their own. Instead of shutting down those third party websites, Google has limited the data to those who actually pay for it.


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