Google Letting General Public Register ‘.app’ Domains

Google announced that they are now letting the general public register for ‘.app’ domains when creating websites. The ‘.app’ is a top-level domain (TLD) that was only exclusive to Google, as the search engine giant purchased the TLD three years ago for $25 million dollars. Since 2015, only relevant developer communities were able to register this domain.

Those that are interested in using this newly accessible top-level domain can participate in Google’s early access program.  The program allows users to secure their domains, which is an additional fee, before the ‘.app’ domain becomes available to the general public. Webmasters that want to participate in the program can start registering their ‘.app’ domains today. After May 7th, the TLD will be available to the general public through your registrar of choice. To see what domain names are available for this TLD, you can visit for more information.

What makes ‘.app’ so attractive is that it is a highly marketable top-level domain. In addition to this, the ‘.app’ domain is the first TLD to come with HTTPS encryption by default. This will ensure the security for you and your visitors, as well as provide a slight boost in search rankings over non-HTTPS sites. By using this domain type, you will now save money on SSL certifications as you will no longer need to pay your registrar separately for this layer of security.

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