Google Lens: A Visual Search

A new technology called “Google Lens” is being created. This technology is based on a change in consumer behavior. According to various studies, consumers are more likely to purchase an item after looking at a picture of it, rather than reading about it.


Image search in the past, involved search engines taking a text-based query and trying to find the best visual match. Image search now, involves search engines, social networks, e-commerce powerhouses, startups, and many companies in-between take an image as the query.


Markerless image recognition is on its way. No more QR codes or snap tags. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, explains how markerless image recognition may work in the future. We will be able to point our phone at a product, and retrieve information on the product, and a map to nearby stores with the item in stock. This will give companies the opportunity to enter the purchase cycle with a photo as the search query.


Google Lens will be integrated into Google Assistant. There will be a button in the Assistant app that allows users to launch Lens and insert a photo, where it can then process all of the data that the photo contains.


There is no set date on when Google Lens will be available, check back with us soon for more information!

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