Google Launches YouTube Video Builder

Google has launched a new video marketing tool within YouTube to help businesses create promotional videos for their advertising campaigns. The YouTube Video Builder is an ideal resource for companies that want to be able to do advertising on the network via short bumper videos but no not have video creation capabilities or tools on their own. In-person video shoots can take up hours, even days of money and staffing resources, and editing can take up to weeks or months afterward. The new YouTube Video Builder allows users to create videos up to fifteen seconds using a wide range of layouts and features.

How does Video Builder work?

Video Builder is used to animate static assets like images, logos, and text, so you will not need to shoot or provide any actual video footage. As you create your video, you will be able to customize the colors and fonts to match your logo and pick out corresponding royalty-free music from the Google library. Completed videos can be used as paid ads, social media ads or content or to be used on your website if you so choose. To create a video, simply follow these steps:

  • Choose the layout that works best for meeting your goal, whether it is informational, to gain conversions or subscribers to your channel.
  • Customize the colors to match your existing branding materials before uploading your logo, selected images and adding your desired text. You can choose a font that matches your logo or one that is perhaps easier to read in a short time.
  • Choose music that matches the tone you are trying to set in your video.
  • Preview the video to make sure it meets your needs. If it does, upload it to your channel!

After uploading your video, it will be saved as a template so you will easily be able to go back in and create additional content.

What is this best for?

Video Builder is not designed for videos longer than fifteen seconds. For more substantive editing tools, Google recommends using the YouTube Creator Studio or external software. The video can be created and uploaded to your channel without paying for advertising, and the tool is completely free to use by businesses, including those who may not have had access to video creation previously.

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