Google Launches Structured Data For Question & Answer Pages

Having an FAQ page on your website is great to help visitors find answers to the services you may provide as well as providing answers for general answers about the industry you are in. Google has just launched new structured data that makes it easier for your answers from your FAQ page to appear in search results. Now when you type in questions into Google you will see the new rich snippet for questions and answers that will appear on a search result page. There will be a carousel of answers available in a snippet where the question displays. In addition, there will be a “top answer” which gets chosen by certain criteria. Below is a screenshot of what the new snippet will look like in mobile searches.

screen shot of new Q&A rich snippet

Why It Matters

If you have a page on your site dedicated for Q & A then you will want to add the latest structured data to that page. This new update can increase the traffic coming to your website as more searchers are asking questions into search engines more than general searches. With voice search becoming more popular as well, engines like Google and Bing have noticed more searches being performed in the form of a question. If a question is asked that is on your questions and answers page, then your newly structured page will appear in that search result thus expanding your reach across the web. This new update is also important because rich results can help amplify the display of a result among other search results while also helping your website’s overall SEO. If you happen to have a snippet with a carousel of answers, then it will lead to a higher click rate rather than normal organic results.

If you are looking to add this to a website then you can head over to the developer resources page by Google where the search engine giant has shared a link on how to add this new structured data code.

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