Google Launches Panda 3.92 – Affects 2.4% of All English Searches

Well it’s official.  Google has released another Panda Update which marks the 20th Panda release.  This new algorithm update affects 2.4% of all English language searches so it is a fairly significant one.

In addition to the exact match domain update which released last Friday penalizing low quality sites in the search rankings even if their domain name matched the exact search term,  non-matched domain named  businesses also noticed that they had taken a hit in the rankings as well.

While Google has confirmed the new algorithm update, they have not released any specific details as to what was targeted, so if your site has taken a hit, make sure to do a content review to make sure your material is original and updated on a fairly regular basis.  This release was supposed to take several days for full-effect, so keep your eyes open.


-Don MacMelville

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