Google Launches Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google has unveiled a suite of Google Analytics tools designed for enterprise-level customers. Dubbed Google Analytics 360 Suite, it is a combination of new tools and rebranded/updated versions of previously existing Google Analytics tools aimed at streamlining  the process of web marketing. Data-rich marketing insights lead to confident decisions, more effective campaigns, and better returns (you don’t have to have an enterprise-level budget to get a leg up, though!)

Solutions available under the Google Analytics 360 Suite include:

  • Google Audience 360, Google’s new Data Management Platform (DMP);
  • Google Optimize 360, Google’s site- and page-testing tool;
  • Google Data Studio 360, Google’s data-analysis and -visualization solution;
  • Google Tag Manager 360, a standalone version of Google Tag Manager;
  • Google Analytics 360, which is a re-name of Google Analytics premium;
  • Google Attribution 360, a cross-channel data attribution solution.

Each product is available for purchase à la carte, so you don’t have to buy the whole basket. Google’s aware that marketers have program preferences, and isn’t trying to force an “all or nothing” situation.

More information available on Search Engine Land.

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