Google Launches Faster & Lighter Mobile Web Pages

Google announced today that they are trying to optimize user’s mobile experience for those on slower connections. They will be field testing your mobile web pages in Indonesia so they can be faster and lighter but not have much mobile data consumption for the users. By launching the streamlined search results and optimized pages, your web pages will be able to be seen by people on slow mobile connections on a Google URL without needing to load heavy images and files. You can test it on your mobile device by going to

Optimized pages load four times faster and uses 80% less data, and had increased 50% in pages views to these mobile optimized pages.  The streamlined search results can help publishers and advertisers have more traffic on their web pages and reach new target audiences. If users choose to use the original links to your webpages instead of the optimized pages, the original version will always be available. If you prefer not to optimize your mobile web pages not to be optimized, you can opt out by adding to your HTTP header “Cache-Control: no-transform”.

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