Google Launches A Native Lazy-Loading Plugin For WordPress

Looking for more ways to have the best load speed for visitors to your website? If you have a website using WordPress then you may be in luck! While there are already many different types of page speed and loading plugins on the WordPress marketplace, Google has just recently released a new plugin that’s designed for Chrome’s new native loading feature.

What is Native Lazy-Loading?

What native lazy-loading means, is that webmasters and developers have the opportunity to optimize the loading of images and different iframes without using custom JavaScript coding. This additional JavaScript code is what tends to cause websites to load slowly, aside from image sizes and other speed variables. With Google announcing that Chrome supports lazy-loading on a browser level, this allows more websites to deliver their content to those using Chrome more quickly and makes for this plugin to be of more use for your website.

What Does This Plugin Do?

The new “Native Lazyload” plugin from Google makes the whole process of incorporating lazy-load to your website even that much easier. The purpose of the plugin is to make sure images on a website include the new “loading” attribute that has a value of “lazy.” If you were to type it out on your own this is what it would look like and what the plugin adds to each image.

html code for lazy loading images

Just like with many WordPress plugins, all you have to do is install it and activate it and it is ready to go.

What about browsers that do not support lazy-loading? Not to worry, as the plugin also features a fallback mechanism that includes custom JavaScript to be created to make the lazy-loading happening. The good thing with this custom code created by the plugin is that it has minimal impact on the page speed.

The plugin is available now in the WordPress plugin marketplace, just log into your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins then Add New and search for “Google Native Lazyload” and you are good to go!

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