Google is Rolling Out Testimonials in Google Posts

Google is beginning to roll out a new feature in the Google My Business dashboard. Soon, you may be able to highlight 4 to 5-star reviews left on your profile in Google Posts, increasing the user experience of your listing and providing engaging content for potential customers. Prior to posting on your listing, you will be able to edit it and add any commentary you wish, as well as a relevant call-to-action.

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are exactly what they sound like: short posts that appear on the Knowledge Panel in search results with the rest of your Google My Business listing. Posts can be up to 1,500 characters and highlight news, events, products, and promotions your business is currently offering in-store or online. Posts remain live for one week unless you are promoting an event or promotion. They can be created right in your Google My Business dashboard and exhibit similar content to your social media profiles.

Benefits of Showcasing Reviews in Google My Business

If a user finds your site through search, your Google My Business listing is often the first thing they will see and their first interaction with your company. By posting positive reviews, your customers may be more at ease and feel like they are doing more of their research, rather than just picking the first company they see that provides what they are looking for. Linking to a testimonials page or to the specific product or service the review is focused on can help increase clicks through your listing, and conversions from there. Customers who are researching businesses to work with want to make sure they will not be left disappointed.

How Can I Get More Reviews on My Google Listing?

There are several ways you can go about getting more reviews on your Google My Business page. The easiest way to get reviews is by optimizing your listing, filling out each relevant business field, services, menu items, and service area to help boost your ranking. If a customer is especially happy with your services, you can kindly ask them to find your listing to leave a review. Google reviews can help boost your business’ online success and build trust in your brand for potential customers. By posting feedback from current or past customers, you can make your business look its best when it first comes to a viewer’s attention.

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