Google is Redesigning the Adwords Interface

Google announced today a very welcome bit of news: they are performing a full redesign of the Adwords interface. Anyone who spends much time looking at Adwords is surely thrilled. I’ve never been one to pull my punches about Google’s site design (and their love-it-or-hate-it Material Design spec), but the fact is that the Adwords interface is 15 years old now, and hasn’t had a refresh since 2008. It’s slow, not extremely user-friendly, and frankly boring to look at. So I’m hopeful.

A major motivator of this redesign project is the appearance over the years of new advertising channels like video, shopping, and display ads. Adwords at its inception was designed with simple text search ads in mind, so added functionality and flexibility is needed.

Google’s efforts are informed by speaking with industry experts and seasoned digital advertising veterans, and are focused on three primary themes found across these conversations.

  1. Make Adwords more about the client and less about Google’s product;
  2. Streamline data display so advertisers can get the data they need more easily;
  3. Simplify workflows and processes so advertisers can act more quickly and efficiently.

Google’s redesign is a year and a half underway, and will be tested on an invite-only basis. There’s no way to get added to the list as far as we know, so we will simply have to watch and wait.

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