Google is Now Indexing 466% More Tweets Compared to 4 Months Ago.

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog post about Google & Twitter joining forces. Google gained access to Twitter’s data and it began indexing tweets in May.  A study was done to show that tweets are becoming increasingly popular in search results. According to the study, from February to June, the number of tweets indexed by Google has increased by 466%! That seems like a huge increase but compared to the overall number of tweets, it only accounts for about 4%.

This makes sense because no body wants to see tweets from random people all over search results pages.  Similar to before, only tweets from people with high “social authority” will have their tweets indexed.  “Social Authority” is a broad term and its hard to measure what exactly makes up a person’s “social authority” but many believe it is a combination of the number of followers, your engagement levels, and your overall popularity. Celebrities, athletes, and politicians are a good example of people who have a higher chance of getting their tweets indexed.

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