Google Is In The Midst of A Major Algorithm Update

The SEO world is constantly changing. Just when it feels like you’ve unlocked the keys the optimizing your site, with keywords, meta descriptions, content, & more, the rules of the game change and all of the work that you’ve completed doesn’t matter quite as much anymore. Speaking of changing rules, Google announced last week that they were working on a major search algorithm update that was launching in June, and sites have begun to feel the effects of this algorithm update.

Who Does This Change Effect Most?

This is a difficult question to answer, although the medical industry has certainly seen a major change in traffic, and is still dealing with the volatility of this update. However, this update is affecting sites across a variety of industries, and the results are showing that it’s affecting every site in different ways. Sites have seen both a huge gain in organic traffic and a jump up in the SERP’s, as well as a major decrease that has tanked their site’s rankings. Here are a few examples of various SEO’s explaining how the algorithm has affected their sites:

“I’m seeing a lot of movement now. For lots of keywords, one minute I’m on page 1, then page 3, and back again.”

This specialist noticed that even from minute to minute, they noticed a dramatic change in how their site was ranking for specific keywords, indicating that the algorithm is still updating. Other users saw some keywords improve in rankings and others decrease:

“Traffic drop 60% some keywords which were ranking on 1,2,3 position are now on 3rd page it seems like a penalty even though not made a single Blackhat thing. But some which were ranking on position 40-70 are now on 10-20 so it seems like no penalty.”

As you can see, there was no one-size-fits-all answer for what will happen to any particular site’s rankings following this update. It appears that the health, finance, and gambling industries all received a sizeable increase in ranking results, but it is still too early to tell if these rankings will hold true. When asked how long it would take for the update to finish, Gary Illyes, one of Google’s Webmaster Trend Analyst’s, said that the update could take anywhere from 1 day to two weeks to fully integrate, depending on “data center health” and “network congestion and quality, etc.” meaning we will have to hold tight to understand the whole effect of this update. Google is constantly updating their algorithms, so this won’t be the last update the SEO’s need to adapt to.

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